ASTRO  LOGIK                                         Astrologische Beratung zur Erzielung von mehr Klarheit und zur Erfüllung Deiner Vision

Astrological Councelling in modern, constant changing times

Happy you have found me on that plattform. I am a certified professional Swiss astrologer and have high standards in terms of a serious consultation. Feel free to contact me to find out whether I am the right person for you to read your chart and bring you closer to your life's purpose. 

Why an astrological councelling? Would you like to embody your visions?

It can happen for you to gain more clarity on your path and why things happen the way they do. Sometimes you do feel like a remote control is stearing you in a certain direction where you might not want to be anymore? Why is it so hard to break free of certain patters, although one "knows" what would be a better choice. Or is it that you just feel every night so exhausted falling into bed and not really feeling like living your true purpose here? Give yourself a moment to spend some time and find out more about yourself. This journey can be so fascinating that you might want to know more and more of this person you only have a glance of so far. Does that sound like you? Any kind of topics are most welcome as of in astrology we find reasons for everything and that can be quite a release of pressure for example of not feeling right, not fitting in and so forth. You will gain more joy and enthusiasm to experience your personal life to its fullest. So many people constantly underestimate their true potential. Are you one of them? Maybe it is time to give it a try. Try a different strategy for your own good. 

My councelling style is a contemporary style yet profound and opening up your perception for a broader view of things and a deeper understanding of your personal life.

My specialties involve but are not limited to:

  • life purpose, fulfillment
  • job tendencies = employement or self-imployed? 
  • when is the right moment and time to build a start-up
  • team constellations and dynamics
  • relationship patterns and ideal partner quality
  • general personal structure and perception
  • family constellations including patterns from past life qualities
  • where lies the most potential of transformation of your shadows into your strengths
  • planetary attunement procedures - which qualities need to be enhanced to come into your essence
  • healing modalities including self-practice  (reiki, kundalini-reiki, spiritual hygiene, pranic expansion, etc)
  • meditation and breathwork to create a cleanse from within and emphasize new patterning
  • customized yogic practices (sadhana's) to evolve and connect to your chart and inate gifts more deeply
  • private Groupe Class if appropriate and if social support needed and feeling safe imbeded in a small group with similar personalities your structure can be improved rapidly - tbd
  • newborn horoscope
  • occasion horoscope (specific timing needed of a circumstance occured)
  • solarhoroscope (from one birthday to your next birthday, the yearly topic for yourself)

A session is 150 chf / hour and can be also booked as a package of other services I am offering. 

let's speak soon